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Here's a gallery with a few picture postcards and a job lot of other stuff. Consider it a receptacle for otherwise homeless pictures.

To view a larger version of an image, click on its thumbnail. To close the larger version, click the button on the gallery's navigation control bar or press 'Esc' on your keyboard. If the image obscures the navigation controls, left-click-and-hold on the picture, then use your mouse drag it out of the way .

Gallery last updated: 8th July 2011

Clouds gather over Spurn Head

Snow in the Colne Valley

Eagle's head at Brimham Rocks?

Engineering millstone

Snow on the Wolds

Pretty pennies

Rape seed scene

Long shadows

Harbour light

Guy with parking ticket

Communications link


Druid temple

Distant blizzard


Dales glory

Approaching rain
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