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"If he's from Yorkshire, he will tell you; if he's not, it's not fair to embarrass him!"

We're a dour breed, rooted in misery - who wouldn't be, having to live next to Lancashire. But proper Yorkshiremen and women are joys to behold with sharp pearls of wisdom and black humour, built on foundations of coal. Feet are always well grounded and faces rarely burdened by smiles.

Our sheep enjoy the same characteristics!

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Gallery last updated: 8th July 2011

Putting your foot in it

After you

I want my mum

Wise heads

Just a Dandelion

We wanna be together

Mother duck

Tan Hill Inn

Now where?

Leeds market

Shady glade

Highland cow enjoys sunnier climes

All the troubles of the world

My resting place

Food on the run

Lest we forget

Leisure time

Alone again

Shop 'til you drop


Little bunny

Lived-in face
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