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It's the nature of progress that some things get left behind. Canals were overtaken by railways; trains gave way to the motor car; textiles, steel manufacture and mining all lost out to call centres. Communities were torn apart, robbed of their spirit. And boy, have we paid the price for that!

But Yorkshire is back on its feet again. The service industry has re-employed many of those who found themselves on the scrapheap. Leeds has flourished as a huge commercial centre; new development has changed its landscape beyond all recognition. And even some survivors of our industrial past have found function in the 21st century. Canals are reborn; mills host apartments and offices; grand viaducts carry foot and cycle traffic.

For the photographer, Yorkshire's evolving landscape makes it a county of great opportunity.

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Gallery last updated: 8th July 2011

Paved with cobbles

Health 'n' safety nightmare

Out with the old

To the Up trains

Burnt out


Rusty tie


Waterside apartments

Staircase to nowhere

Aged fence

Perfect reflection

Dying on its feet

Steps with stories

Art or detritus?

In need of paint

Heptonstall ruin

Gone to pot
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