Whilst programme production remains our core business, we offer a number of additional services, either as a supplement to a video project or stand-alone.

Videos are often accompanied by booklets or briefing sheets. Four by Three designs high quality print materials using industry-standard software. We have a track record for producing effective, eye-catching newsletters.

Websites are now a 'must-have' for the complete communications package. Four by Three can build and manage sites (such as the one you're currently browsing) from the simple to the complex.

Most publications require some level of photographic input. Using the latest digital technology, we can acquire those striking images which will make all the difference to booklet, newsletter or website.

And, for those scenes which the camera can't capture, Four by Three's 3D modelling and layout facilities might provide the answer. We can create animated sequences which will help you to tell a visually difficult story.


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