Quality is at the heart of Four by Three's business philosophy so, despite the plethora of cheaper video formats, all main production acquisition is on high-end digital broadcast equipment. Despite this commitment, Four by Three remains competitively priced.

Our widescreen Panasonic DVC-Pro50 camcorder with broadcast Fuji lenses helps us deliver the very best quality images.

Other camera facilties include a Toshiba minicam kit - for those hard to reach places - and a 16:9 Sony Mini-DV handicam.

Our sound recordist is equipped with an extensive kit including a three-channel portable mixer as well as Sennheiser rifle, lapel and radio microphones.

A three-lamp 800W lighting kit and both 50W and 100W battery lights are standard equipment with the two-man crew. Additional lighting, a microjib and rolling base are also available. Specialist facilities, such as steadicam, are hired in from established suppliers.

All major post production work takes place in house.

We have a digital non-linear suite running Adobe Premier Pro software, which allows us to edit pictures uncompressed. Animated 3D graphics are produced on a separate workstation, together with a 2D paint programme and caption generator.

Linear mastering is to DVC-Pro50 or D9.

Bulk DVD duplication is outsourced but authoring takes place in-house.


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