Four by Three has made railway safety publications something of a speciality.

For the public, Red Runner highlighted the perils of level crossing misuse by staging a spectacular collision between a car and train, and hearing from a father whose family was devastated by a real accident.

Drama based Short Cut dealt with the consequences of habitual adult trespass and was distributed to every UK secondary school. Play It Safe! used animation to help younger children understand the fatal potential of playing on the railway.

Within the rail industry, key safety issues have been tackled in Four by Three publications.

SafetyNet was a user-friendly news bulletin, based in a virtual studio, providing trackworkers with real-world stories about life on the line and a platform from which to voice their views.

The Cullen Report into the Ladbroke Grove tragedy found that drivers and signallers did not fully appreciate the challenges of each other's jobs. IVCA award winning documentary Whose Line Is It Anyway? charted the difficulties encountered in the driving cab and signal box.

A series of single topic videos were commissioned with the goal of tackling some of the railway's deep-seated cultural difficulties.

These have included In Confidence which helped to launch the industry's confidential reporting system. The many issues surrounding SPAD (Signal Passed At Danger) prevention were covered in Defensive Driving. BeFirst underlined the need for effective safety critical communications and the consequences when procedures are not followed.

Other programmes have looked at the introduction of new technology, improved planning processes and the roles of several key safety disciplines.


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