Choosing an image

Four by Three's railway image library contains several thousand pictures and you can view a broad selection of them on this website.

To enable you the find images quickly and easily, the library has been arranged into five main categories - infrastucture, trains, people, work and assorted. Each category features several sub areas. The navigation table on the left allows you to view a gallery for any sub area highlighted in white and underlined - simply click on the link.

You'll then see a page of thumbnails with information about each image -

> subject
> name (this is the filename which you will need to quote if you want the image)
> image factor (I-FCTR) which, in part, determines the cost of the image

and, where relevant -

> details about the image
> the location.

Clicking on a thumbnail brings up a larger version.

If you want a particular image, make a note of its name, go the BUY page and fill in the relevant details.

Images are supplied as a JPEG file (around 3000x2000 pixels) by email together with an invoice/licence.